by Mike Booble

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If brains were gasoline Mike would have enough to power an ants motorcycle around the outside of a penny. Would be funny if it wasn't true. Sports, sports, sports. Often times he said if he didnt do SOMETHING in the industry in would be a complete waste of his childhood. Crisis averted. 

       Is the moral compass of sports broken? Is it slightly ajar? Is it right where it should be? The answer is probably somewhere in the middle of all three and recent incidents across the landscape has forced the conversation back to the forefront.
       Earlier this week, Washington Capitals Left Wing Alex Ovechkin got in a fight with Carolina Hurricanes forward Andrei Svechnikov and knocked him out. The media is making a big deal out of the fact that the player was 19, thus technically a teenager. What the hell was Ovechkin supposed to do? This “kid” talked trash, said “Let's Fight” to a grown ass man, and got the shit kicked out of him, as he should. He wasn't bullied. It wasn't hazing. If anything, it's a lesson in watching what you say and who you say it to.
       Hockey is a violent sport. Fighting, while no longer encouraged, is accepted in the confines of the game. Where is the outrage over two guys fighting while wearing blades sharp enough to kill someone, regardless of age. Why is this mentality still in the game? 99% of the time they look like jackasses and if you want to break it down, couldn't throw, let alone take a punch, if their life depended on it. People need to let go of the “innocent victim” angle here and accept that a 19 year old dude bro got exactly what he deserved and will hopefully adjust accordingly in the future.
       On the other side of the coin, it has come to light that recently demoted Chicago Cubs pitcher Carl Edwards has been receiving racist messages on social media from disgruntled fans upset at his early struggles. What. The. Fuck. In this, the year of our Lord 2019, there are still players dealing with this? Add to that the fact this story came out April 15, the anniversary date of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in baseball and you have another example of keyboard warriors with anonymity and a lack of consequences saying whatever they want. I hate with a passion the “unwritten rules of baseball” but man I wish these less than nothings could stand at the plate and take a 100 mph pitch right into the ribs.
       And then there's Tiger. The once worshiped golfer won his first major in 11 years and first Masters in 14. And once again, the backlash has been article after tweet after soundbite of being conflicted. Why? Tiger Woods is a bad husband and has a less that spectacular personality as it relates to fans, media and other players. But unless your name is Elin Nordegren,  his infidelity is none of your business and should have nothing to do with your enjoyment of his play on a golf course. He didn't kill anyone. No gambling debts. No rape charges. This fake outrage over the outpouring of support for Tiger is gross. Where are all the continuous articles lambasting Cristiano Ronaldo? Ray Lewis is still celebrated, even though he probably killed someone and had enough money to get away with it. Ben Roethlisberger? Ray Rice? Adrian Peterson? Aroldis Chapman? Roberto Osuna? Hope Solo? Michael Vick still has writers and talk show hosts speaking his name with pure venom, yet of all those names listed above he's the only one who actually paid his debt to society and went to prison.  Hell, even my favorite team, the Cubs have Addison Russell. And honestly, they've handled it the best. They suspended him in accordance to the MLB policy regarding domestic violence and also sought out the opinion of his ex wife before any punishment was handed down or.any contracts were talked about. During every press release she's mentioned by name as someone who is part of every step in the process.
       There's also the case of Conor McGregor. A few weeks ago I wrote on this website how I just wished he'd get help. He's so talented and had a lot of people depending on him for food, shelter and security I just wanted to see him get his life together. And then Racist McNugget called Khabib Nurmagomedov's wife a towel on social media and I'm done. It would not surprise me if it comes out he has some drug problem or at the very meats is an alcoholic who's significant other takes their child as far away from that situation as possible. At some point the UFC, maybe with a shove from ESPN (and parent company Disney) is going to.have to decide between continued PR nightmare or cut their losses and release him from his contract. Your biggest star is a reflection of your league, in this case company, and if you choose to do nothing you condone everything.
       In fight promotion where is the line? And whos to say where that line is? I think most people agree calling a Muslim woman a towel is way across wherever that line is but domestic violence is ok? And if you say no, I counter with Greg Hardy and Floyd Mayweather. In Floyd's case he did go to jail. Not for enough time but some. In Hardy's case, he was found guilty. The UFC will quickly tell you a jury never found him guilty but they didn't have to. The state he was in a judge can render that verdict and did so. Charges were dropped afterwards so no jail time was forthcoming but he was found guilty. When is talking trash just that and when is it more? Why is every bat flip an affront to the game but HGH in the NFL accepted, tolerated and largely ignored by the Commissioner?
       All I'm saying is be outraged by some. Be outraged by none. Or at least be better at being outraged over shit that actually matters. Not bat flips and hockey fights. Let's save the marches and columns and strongly worded monologues to rape, murder and the occasional beating of a spouse shall we?
       And as always I'm Mike Booble and that's my opinion.